Treating Mind & Body

Treating Mind & Body

As an Osteopath I treat mind and body, but I find it hard to think about the mind and body as separate entities. They are essential and interwoven elements of the person. I treat people.

Think about how we use the word ‘home’ versus the word ‘house.’ A ‘home’ is a place where a person or people live and where they find safety. It is a warm and complex word which means much more than ‘house’ which is essentially an assembly of walls, doors, windows, and a roof. Does a builder build a house or a home? The truth is there are builders who build houses and there are builders who build homes. I know which one I would choose to build a place for my family.

I treat people and I specialise in treating people with complex low back, pelvic and lower limb pain. I do not just treat bodies or even worse, I do not just treat low backs!

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