Adam’s Approach

Osteopathy is not just about Bones

With a title like ‘Osteopath’ it is easy to see why some people assume Adam just treats bones but actually, nothing is further from the truth and osteopaths. Osteopaths are renowned for their soft tissue/massage skills and as Adam comes from a Sports Massage background he is no exception.

Treatment style

Whilst osteopaths have a wide range of skills and techniques it is important to note that each individual osteopath has his or her own treatment style. This means the treatment you receive from one osteopath may be very different to that you receive from another, even for the same problem. Adam trained in Sports Massage before becoming an osteopath and therefore biased towards massage techniques in his treatments but he has also spent a lot of time training with physiotherapists and uses many ‘physiotherapy’ style techniques to treat nerve problems and lots of exercise advice not typically associated with osteopathy.

Hands-on Assessment & Treatment

Characteristically of many Osteopaths, Adam takes a Hands-on-Approach to assessment and treatment. This means he will use his hands to actually feel for tensions in your muscles and the quality of your movement and then from a treatment point of view he will pick from a wide range of massage, muscle stretching and joint movement techniques to reduce the patient’s painful symptoms but crucially this is combined with exercise and movement advice to help stop the symptoms coming back.

Typical Patient

Most of Adam’s patients have moderate to severe pain which has either lasted for more than 6 months or which flares and then recovers but never seems to go away completely. Many of his patients have had multiple failed osteopathic, physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments elsewhere and may even have had x-ray or MRI scans which have failed to show the cause of the pain.

Patient Journey

Adam is happy to speak to patients before they attend their first appointment to discuss their case history and make sure that an appointment with him should be appropriate. Please feel free to either call him before you make a booking or if you are booking an appointment and would like a call beforehand please mention this in the ‘notes’ section.

Adam’s Treatment Style

Adam takes a ‘Hands-on’ approach to treatment. Prior to qualifying as an Osteopath, Adam trained as a Sports Massage which means he has a large repertoire of hands-on skills and techniques he can apply. This can vary from robust deep tissue massage to more gentle soft tissue techniques. He also uses a lot of advanced muscle stretching and activation techniques as well as joint articulations and joint adjustment (joint clicking) techniques for which osteopathy is well known.