The Pain Man

Adam Richmond- Osteopath specialising in the treatment of Low Back Pain.

Adam is a graduate of the London School of Osteopathy. He has a special clinical interest in complex and re-occurring low back, pelvic, hip and lower limb pain. Adam is based in Nottingham, where he sees patients face to face. He also consults chronic pain patients from around the world via video link.

Formerly, Adam was the osteopath behind the Lace Market Clinic (LMC) in Nottingham which he established in 1995. In 2021, following a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, he closed the doors at LMC and combined forces with his old colleague and friend James Sylvester at Adjust Massage in a role which allows him to focus on the osteopathic work he loves, and James deals with the nuts and bolts of running a business.

Adam’s Approach to Osteopathic Treatment

Adam has a particular interest in complex low back pain patients who have had failed treatment elsewhere. He combines respect for evidence-based medicine with the ‘out of the box’ thinking required to apply it to each individual patient. His aim is always to help them achieve freedom from pain and stiffness. In many cases, Adam’s approach is to boil the complexities of human mechanics and pain into simple concepts. His aim is to create a situation where the patient understands exactly what he is thinking so he and the patient can work together to reach a pain-free end goal. He believes the human body is fabulous at healing itself and often all it needs is a nudge in the right direction.

Adam is married with 2 young children. He believes the most important role in his work is to provide an example to his children of always trying his best to help other people, no matter how hard things get.

Professional Osteopathic Memberships

Adam is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council.